Shepler Studios

Working together as Shepler Studios, Scott and Missy Shepler provide design, illustration and editorial services to a variety of clients. After years of working as an illustrator, graphic artist, designer and technical support person, Missy made the leap to her own home-based design business in 1997. Scott followed a few years later, adding his illustration talents and art director experience to the mix. Most of their days are spent pushing pixels around on the computer screen, drawing, designing, writing and working on client projects. Whenever possible, Missy escapes upstairs to the quilt loft to stitch, embellish and just have fun with fabric. Scott occasionally disappears in the shop side of the studio where he carves and sculpts whimsical creatures from wood, paper mache and clay.

Contact Scott and Missy at:

Shepler Studios
624 W. Elm
Chillicothe, IL 61523
Phone: 309-274-4084