About Missy Stitches

Missy Stitches is a portion of Shepler Studios, a home-based design and illustration firm located in central Illinois. I’ve always loved to make things, and whenever possible, I escape to the upstairs stitching studio to create handmade items, dream up stories and just have fun with fabric.

Top photo: Me, all grown up.
Middle photo: Me, my brother, and Mom, at Grandma’s kitchen table.
Bottom photo: High school photography days.

I come from a long line of creative women. Visits to Grandma’s house always included late night craft conferences around the kitchen table. Long before recycling was in vogue, Grandma was an expert at re-purposing materials. Bread wrappers became throw rugs, aluminum cans were transformed into ornate doll-sized chairs, and bent coat hangers became wire armatures for all sorts of things. Mom was always sampling the trendy techniques of the day, and would bring her latest projects to share. If I was good, I’d get to play too, even if it was way past my bedtime. Little did I know how valuable those late night kitchen table lessons would later be for creating how-to illustrations, project designs and pondering possibilities. I like to think my penchant for using ‘found fabrics’ came from those nights. I’m genetically geared to ‘go green.’


From top, clockwise: Mom posing by car, Grandma and Mom holding my brother at Grandma’s kitchen table, Grandma in front of the old house.

Over the years, I’ve worked as an illustrator, print and project designer, writer and web designer/editor. All that experience melds together in Missy Stitches, where I combine a pinch of the past with today’s online opportunities. I’m hoping to share design ideas for using cast off cottons and discarded denims, explore fun techniques and more.