On the bookshelf–Sew Gifts!

Fresh off the press and on the bookshelf is Sew Gifts!, a collection of 25 handmade gift ideas from Martingale. I’m thrilled to have a project in this book, and love the crisp, clean look of the finished book. Nice bright photos, easy-to-follow text, and cute, clear illustrations! I’m a bit of a book nerd, and love the extra little design elements that highlight each page. It’s a perfect balance of keeping each page fresh without overloading it.

From that Patchwork Place: Sew Gifts!

Perfect little gift ideas that you can stitch up quick!

There are a lot of cute–and useful!–projects in this book, and I know I’ll be making more than one. I’m long overdue for a new pencil case, and Adrienne Smitke’s put together a cute and colorful one. (Check it out on the cover, above.) I could really use a wristlet key holder, like the one Debbie Grifka came up with. And Linda Turner Griepentrog’s holiday apron would make a perfect gift for a certain someone this year.

Are you naughty or nice? Make this super-cute apron designed by Linda Griepentrog.

Are you naughty or nice? Make this super-cute apron designed by Linda Turner Griepentrog.

Seriously, there are such cute projects in this collection. You should really check it out. There are photos of all the projects on Martingale’s Stitch This! blog.

Two cute projects from That Patchwork Place's Sew Gifts!

Two cute projects from That Patchwork Place’s Sew Gifts!

And of course, I’d love to hear how your project turns out if you decide to make a Casual Crossed Hobo Bag of your own! I’m thinking of making a second one for myself!

I made it! My Casual Crossed Hobo Bag is in Sew Gifts!

I made it! My Casual Crossed Hobo Bag is in Sew Gifts!

Have fun sewing!


4 thoughts on “On the bookshelf–Sew Gifts!

  1. This book is amazing. So far every item I saw in the book would be a I wanna make. I am also a book nerd. Books and material are my weakness. Love them both. Will put this book on my list for first of the month due to my finances are all done then. Can’t wait to get and go through over and over. Thank you for the amazing projects.

  2. Hanane from Algeria and I’m in Algeria do not have these books That we have learned the modus operandi of hand bags and very beautiful things
    I always hope to get these books seriously beautiful and creative work I hope
    I hope to get them to allow me to do such beautiful things

    Thank you

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