Stitch Fall 2012

It’s here! Start planning fall projects with the fall 2012 issue of Stitch. I just love that the editors included a special section of upcycled projects! I’m constantly looking for ways to remake worn textiles into useful, interesting items. I contributed a recycled shirt blanket, using discarded clothing and worn sheets into a snuggly twin-size throw.

Recycle Shirt Blanket

Actual available yardage will vary, depending on the size and style of shirt that you use. Your finished blanket will be unique!

I started with a few woven cotton shirts that I hadn’t worn for years, then added several men’s flannel shirts reclaimed from my father-in-law’s closet. The best portions of an old flannel sheet were incorporated into the blanket backing. Piecing is simple–just join 7-1/2″ wide strips to make 6 vertical rows. Add extra interest by incorporating pockets and button plackets as desired.

Recycled Shirt Blanket back

Incorporate the remaining strips pieces into the blanket backing.

This is great way to re-purpose favorite clothes that have fallen out of fashion or no longer fit. You could also use it as a memory quilt, making a quick, cuddly blanket from a loved one’s clothing. Make one for a friend, and tuck an extra special snapshot or two into a pocket!

Recycled Blanket Pocket

Tuck photos or family momentos into patch pockets to make a memory quilt more special.

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