Print Your Own Fabric

I’ve always loved learning new things, so when the amazing Linda Griepentrog asked if I’d like to co-author a book on inkjet fabric printing, of course I said “YES!”

Together we explored the ins and outs of pushing pieces of specially prepared fabric through our desktop printers. Each experience seemed to open up new ideas and lead us a little further down the “What if…?” road. It was such great fun! Much of what we learned appears in Print Your Own Fabric, published by Krause Publications. I’m still amazed at how much information we were able to pack into those pages, and at the number of projects and original art that appears on the accompanying disc.

These are just two of the projects featured in Print Your Own Fabric

If you haven’t tried inkjet fabric printing yet, you really ought to give it a go. It’s a great way to personalize projects, make one-of-a-kind items, or create a base for a mixed media piece.

Print Your Own Fabric was published by Krause Publications and is currently out of print. Some copies are still available on You may also find it at your favorite book store.

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