In Love with Leaves

Fall leavesWhat is it about leaves? They’re a great inspiration, no matter what medium I’m working in. The colors and textures are always amazing, whether it’s the freshly unfurled first leaf of spring or the dry crackly last leaf of the season.

One fun thing I like to do is make mini collages of found items, such as leaves, pine needles, and interesting pieces of tree bark. You can take a quick click with a digital camera, or scan the actual items on a flatbed scanner. Once you get started, you’ll be making mini collages out of everything you see.

To make the leaf images for the Deconstructed Denim jacket shown below, I scanned several collages and individual leaves, then manipulated the resulting images in Photoshop to fit the desired areas. For the outer denim jacket, leaves were printed onto fusible fabric, then trimmed and stitched to the garment. The scarf was made by treating the cotton gauze fabric with an ink fixative, backing the fabric with freezer paper, then printing on the gauze. Portions of the jacket lining were printed onto sueded cotton, then stitched into the lining yardage and quilted, before the jacket pieces were cut and assembled. Directions for the jacket and lining construction are included on the project disc included with Print Your Own Fabrics, published by Krause Publications. Copies may still be available on

Leaf fabric jacket


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