Worn Words

garment labels

I’ve always been drawn to details. Themed touches in store displays, sugar packets in restaurants, tiny little tidbits that draw the eye. I’m especially conscious of all the elements that help make a whole garment or accessory. Fabric texture, fasteners, bits of trim. I notice these things even more so since I started consciously trying to use more recycled goods.

Like garment labels. Those little bits of branding that can be so irritating and itchy at the back of the neck or along the waistband. Such important information–sizes, washing instructions, where an item was made–squeezed onto a tiny tag and sewn into a seam to ensure that the information and item are eternally attached. Until I arrive with my trusty seam ripper.

Worn Words in the making

I save all the interesting bits and pieces when I deconstruct garments for use in other things. Buttons? You betcha. Zippers? Oh, yeah. Labels? Yes, labels, too. You never know when one of those micro-marketing pieces might be just the right addition to a masterpiece in the making…

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