Itty Bitty Buns

Stuffed Toy RabbitLook what was leaping out of the sewing studio last month!


Stuffed toy rabbits in the grass

At just 7-1/2 inches from nose to toes, these little bunnies can be made from about 1/8 yard of fabric. They’re great scrap basket bunnies–stitch ’em up from whatever odds and ends are left over from other projects, and embellish them as you please! The pattern is scheduled to appear in the March 2009 issue of DRG’s Sewing Savvy magazine. (Yes, we have to wait that long to see it in print!)


I got a little carried away while designing these little critters, and had visions of squadrons of flying rabbits gearing up for Operation Egg each spring. How else are all those eggs delivered on time each Easter?  I started to sketch out the story, and may have to actually finish it some day.

Rabbit sketch


In the meantime, I’ll content myself with stitching up a few scrap rabbits, as time allows. The boys in blue here, are on extended leave for photography.

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