Soft Stuff


If you’ve ever washed fabric without stitching along the cut edges, chances are that you’ve run into some stuff like this. Tangled threads you have to cut away before pressing the yardage. This soft bit of fluff appeared after I washed out some recent hand dyed fabrics and the colors were too lovely to be tossed away. There must be something I can do with this stuff.

Moocher checking out fibers

Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds the tangle a bit, well, tantalizing. I suppose I could try to spin those twists into fibers, but to be honest, I don’t relish combing out that mess. Maybe I could use it for stuffing pincushions, or cat toys.

Moocher tasting threads

I guess I could just chew on the idea a while.

Moocher with attitude

What? What do you mean we can’t eat this stuff? It’s perfectly scrumptious.

Moocher with threadFine, then. See if I care.


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