First Snow

It’s official. We’ve had the first snow of the season. Winter has arrived. Actually, the first snow fell over the weekend, while the calendar was still on November. Big wet flakes that stuck to most anything, and stayed. The brief bit of sun that shone yesterday was just not enough to chase the snow away.

The dear hubster (my hero) shoveled most of the wet stuff off the walk between the house and studio, but another inch or two fell overnight. That snow is now compacted and frozen solid on the deck and walk, making morning and evening commutes a bit treacherous. I tend to ‘penguin walk’ from one door to the other–stiff legs, arms outstretched–much to the amusement of the aforementioned hubster. I’ve never gotten the hang of walking on frozen winter surfaces.

I’m not a cold weather person, by any means. Once I get chilled, it takes forever for me to get warm. So when the temperature drops and those big white flakes start piling up outside, I start dreaming of cozy blankets and cups of hot cocoa. If I could, I’d hunker down under a pile of quilts with plenty of hot tea and a stack of storybooks, and just wait it out until warmer weather. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

So when the weather turns wintry, I pile on an extra sweater and pull on a pair of woolly socks, make like a penguin, and head out to work in the studio. And I’m ever so thankful that I can work from home, close to quilts and cups of hot tea.

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