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January has a way of making you look back at the last year. What you did, or didn’t, do. What you wanted to get done. And what you wish for the months ahead. I’m usually surprised at what I’ve accomplished when I take a peek at past projects. This year was no different.

Lydia's Attic patterns by Barbara Weiland

Pretty in Pink

Barbara Weiland is an award-winning freelance editor and writer with years of experience in the fashion, sewing, quilting and crafts industries. You may know her from her days as editor of Sewing Savvy magazine. I was thrilled to work with her on several projects this past year.

In early November, Barbara introduced three new patterns in her Jo-Lydia’s Attic pattern line, and I was lucky to do the cover layouts, plus the inside how-to illustrations!

You can read more about the patterns–and order your copy online–at Barbara’s blog and website.

All the Answers

Barbara’s been a busy girl! Watch for her newest book, The Quilting Answer Book, due out this spring from Storey publishing. This book is presented in the same format as Storey’s popular Answer Book series–absolutely packed with information, but small enough to easily tuck into a tote or project bag. I have their Knitting Answer Book, and I absolutely love it.

Quilting Answer Book illustrations
Barbara recommended me to do the how-to illustrations for the book, and this has been one project that I’ve really enjoyed. The Storey staff is so organized, easy-going and great to work with. I hope to work with them again! I’ve been quilting for years, but I learned a lot while working on this project. I can’t wait to see the book in its final form. Download the Storey catalog pdf for a sneak peek.

Illustration sample from More Splash than CashMore Splash than Cash®

Home Dec expert Donna Babylon is hard at work on a new book for her More Splash Than Cash series of how-to home dec titles. I had a lot of fun creating the how-to illustrations for this. In some ways, it’s kind of like playing house in two-dimensions–all those windows and curtains. Creating the fabric patterns was especially fun. I’ve got to do some more of that!

If you haven’t had a chance to view any of Donna’s books, you’ve missed a special treat. Donna writes in a fun, down-to-earth style that makes you feel as if she’s stitching along right beside you. Her books are full of information and time-saving tips for getting the most home dec happiness for your money.

Watch Donna’s website for an upcoming announcement on when the book will be available.

Stitch-lady Logos!

Once in a while, I get to do a few logos for ladies in the stitching world. I’m always amazed at how diverse and creative people can be. These are such fun!

Business cards for Lynn WeglarzLynn Weglarz is an educator, author and creative designer in Portland, Oregon. Her designs and articles have been published in Sewing Savvy and Sew News magazine, and she’s currently teaching several courses at Portland Community College.


Business cards for SAF-T-POCKETS



Marsha McClintock is the owner/designer of SAF-T-POCKETS® patterns This line of patterns features designs with strategically hidden, secure pockets for carrying all your valuable items. No need to tote around a heavy purse! Marsha also teaches a multitude of sewing-related classes and organizes sewing adventures through Sew Many Options Tours.

logo for IPCA

IPCA, the Independent Pattern Company Alliance, is a group of independent fashion pattern designers.


2 thoughts on “Past Projects

  1. Barbara,
    Thanks for sending the new cover pic! I’ve revised the posted image to show the new cover. Cute!
    And I’d love to illustrate The Sewing Answer Book. It’s great fun to work with you and the folks at Storey!

  2. Hey Missy,
    Thanks so much for the links to my patterns! I will send you a new cover–the one you have is the prototype–new one is so much better.
    You’ve been busy working with my friends!
    I’m roundin’ the bend on finishing the manuscript for The Sewing Answer Book–now to the rough illustrations. I’m pretty sure they will land on your desk, too–praying so.

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