Monkey Business

I’ve worked for a number of magazines over the years, as an inhouse artist, freelance designer, and contributing author. Most printed books and magazines have to work months in advance. It’s not unusual to be working on spring projects in the fall. That was the case with this funky little monkey I whipped up for the March ’09 issue of Sewing Savvy magazine.

I should be used to the schedules by now, but I still get a little ‘mag lag’ (my mental equivalent of magazine jet lag) as my brain sorts out how long it took to get from this:

Fabric and pattern

to this:

Finished sewn monkey

I had a lot of fun putting this project together, but I’m afraid I’ll always remember Monkey Business as being part of the last issue of Sewing Savvy. DRG, the publisher, has announced that they’ve ceased publication of the magazine, due to low subscriptions. For a limited time, you can read more about it here. (Sorry, that link is no longer available.)

If you get a chance, check out the issue before it forever disappears off newsstands. The art staff photographed the monkey with one hand in the air. It’s almost like he’s waving goodbye.

Monkey with Sewing Savvy magazine

Bun Fun

Stuffed toy rabbit with magazine

On a lighter note, my Run, Rabbit, Run! article also appears in the March ’09 issue of Sewing Savvy.


Check out more pics of the Itty Bitty Buns here.

3 thoughts on “Monkey Business

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  2. Thanks, Marcus! Both of these were fun projects. It is unfortunate that Sewing Savvy is gone, but there are a few new startups forging ahead. And I think digital publishing will really take off.
    Take care,