Five Minutes of Fame

Article in the Peoria Journal Star

I know, I know. The saying is fifteen minutes of fame, but I’m saving the other ten for future fun. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to be included in a recent article in the Peoria Journal Star. Features writer Jennifer Davis interviewed me via phone several weeks ago, and the story appeared in the March 21st edition of the paper. I intended to tell you all about it a couple of weeks ago, but life intervened. It’s been a March of Madness around here.

That’s not me in the photo, but I was quoted extensively in the story. You can read the complete article on the paper’s website.

Braided rug made from upcycled denim

I’ve had several people congratulate me on the press, and one sweet little old lady who lives a few blocks away gave me a collection of mostly silk men’s ties to repurpose into something new. The ideas are steadily simmering away, and I’m hoping to put something together before too much time goes by.

Another reader offered to give me several pairs of discarded denims, but I had to decline, as I already have a fair-sized mountain of old jeans waiting to be reborn as braided denim rugs.


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