Soft Stuff


If you’ve ever washed fabric without stitching along the cut edges, chances are that you’ve run into some stuff like this. Tangled threads you have to cut away before pressing the yardage. This soft bit of fluff appeared after I washed out some recent hand dyed fabrics and the colors were too lovely to be tossed away. There must be something I can do with this stuff.

Moocher checking out fibers

Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds the tangle a bit, well, tantalizing. I suppose I could try to spin those twists into fibers, but to be honest, I don’t relish combing out that mess. Maybe I could use it for stuffing pincushions, or cat toys.

Moocher tasting threads

I guess I could just chew on the idea a while.

Moocher with attitude

What? What do you mean we can’t eat this stuff? It’s perfectly scrumptious.

Moocher with threadFine, then. See if I care.


To Dye For

Don’t you love hand-dyed fabric? Making it yourself is really fun. I’ve dyed fabric before, but packed away those fabric painting and dyeing dreams when we started remodeling several years ago. Daily life has been enough of a juggle without dripping wet dye cloths around our compressed living quarters. Now that we’re in the ‘putting-it-all-back-together’ phase, those fun fabric projects are finally getting off the backburner.

Dye supplies


Last Saturday I went to a guild-sponsored workshop on fabric dyeing. Sheri Wood, of White Robin Designs, was the instructor, and she made everything fun.


Bleach-printed fabrics



The first part of the class was devoted to discharge dyeing. In very basic terms, that means bleaching away portions of already-dyed cloth. Sheri explained the process and demo’d several different techniques, then turned the group loose on a pile of fabric. We made freezer paper resists, painted and stamped with thickened seaweed goo and glue, and learned several simple tie-dye type techniques for creating patterned fabrics.

Gradation-dyed fabric




The afternoon class was crammed with several different dye techniques. Mottled fabrics were made in tiny plastic cups, freezer tubs housed layered gradations, and seaweed goo made an encore appearance, this time in color!


Visually textured fabrics



All in all, it was a very fun day.

It’s Sew Fun!

Drg_sw1I have a tendency to get too tangled up in the ‘to-do’ list. Once I cross something off the list, it’s quite literally off my mind. So, at any given time, I tend to have a rather lengthy list…and once in a while, I get a really nice surprise!

That was the case earlier this week, when I received a delivery from DRG, the company that publishes Sewing Savvy magazine. The surprise was inside–a fresh-off-the-press copy of their new Sew It in a Weekend hardcover book!



Two of my designs are included in the collection of 57 quick-to-complete projects. The Autumn Print T-shirt features fabric printed leaves appliqued on ready-to-wear t-shirts. Express Yourself features quick-to-construct bags with tips for making simple stencils and using Shiva Paintstiks. (I’d forgotten how much fun those were to make!) Plus, there are tons of projects by sewing greats like Linda Turner Griepentrog, Carol Zentgraf and Lynn Weglarz.


Check out the book at DRG’s website and order online from Then grab a few hours and get stitching!