Wicked Eve

Check out this vintage-y print.

wicked_eve3Did you do a double-take? I did, when I first saw this fabric. Yep, that’s a skull nestled in the Victorian wallpaper print. Then I saw the rest of the collection, and it made perfect sense.

wicked_eve2Wicked Eve is a Halloween-inspired seasonal selection by Timeless Treasures, featuring spooky skulls, dark bare branches, graveyard scenes, crows, and bats. Ominous dark clouds and a fortune teller print round out the blue-black toned print collection.

I’m not normally a ‘Goth girl’, but this ghoulish collection is just plain fun. Tiny skulls make up the color key along the selvedge! Check out the full collection here.


I’ve been back from Quilt Market in Houston for about a week now, and though I’m still playing ‘catch-up’ on the work front, I’m amazed at how well the trip went. My flights were on time. My luggage didn’t get lost. And I won a goodie bag in Heather Bailey’s Schoolhouse session.

I almost squealed. Seriously. And I’m forty-some years old.

I’m not a lucky person. I don’t win things. So when Heather pulled my name from the collected cards, I was shocked. When I calmed down enough to look in the bag, I was amazed. Here was my very own treasure trove of Heather Bailey fun–fresh fat quarters, a pretty pattern, and plenty of paper craft embellishments to play with. So pretty and playful I can’t help but smile every time I see my special stash.

Fabric by Heather Bailey

So much fun! I’m in dire need of a new bag, and those fat quarters are just begging to be made into a happy little handbag. This photo doesn’t nearly do justice to the fabric and trim. You can see much better images over at Heather’s online store.